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Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment in Salisbury, MD

Contact our Nephrologists for More Information About Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment, How to Manage and Delay Severe Chronic Kidney Failure and Symptoms. Peninsula Nephrology Associates is Located at 1821 Sweetbay Drive, Suite 1 Salisbury, MD 21804. Call Us at (410) 204-2122 for More Information.

Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment in Salisbury, MD

Having chronic kidney disease means that your kidneys have not been functioning properly. There are quite a few roles that kidneys play in your body like filtering your blood and removing waste products and extra fluid from the body. When your kidneys are not working the way that they should, waste begins build up in your blood and continue to make you sick. The goal of chronic kidney disease treatment is to control the disease that is causing damage to your kidney. Peninsula Nephrology Associates offer expert nephrologists in Salisbury, NC that will help you manage your chronic kidney disease.


Although you may have never known you have chronic kidney disease, it has likely been happening for many years causing damage to your kidneys. The cause of chronic kidney disease is not always known, however any condition that has previously damaged blood vessels or other parts of the kidney can also lead to kidney disease. The most common causes of chronic kidney disease are diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension). Diabetes causes high blood sugar levels which causes damage to the blood vessels in your kidney. Over time if blood sugar levels remain high, gradual damage to your kidneys begins to take effect. High blood pressure also causes damage to blood vessels which can also lead to damaged kidney function.


In early stages of chronic kidney disease many people do not experience symptoms. As the disease progresses and kidney function begins to worsen, common symptoms include:

  • Less frequent urination
  • Swelling and weight gain from extra fluids building up in your tissues (edema)
  • Swelling your hands or feet
  • Loss of appetite or weight loss
  • Nausea
  • Unexplained fatigue or weakness
  • Headaches
  • Metallic taste in your mouth


Our expert nephrologists at Peninsula Nephrology Associates offer chronic kidney disease treatment in Salisbury, NC. We will work with you to aggressively manage your condition and help slow down or prevent any further damage to your kidneys. If your kidney disease is caused by high blood pressure or diabetes, it is important keep these conditions under control. For patients with chronic kidney disease it is critical to go to all follow-up visits so your doctor can regularly check your kidney function. Blood and urine tests are crucial in monitoring your disease and determining whether or not changes need to be made to your treatment plan. Glomerular-filtration rate (GFR) is used to see how well your kidneys are filtering blood and determine which stage of the disease you are in. Your doctor will also run tests to measure the amount of protein in your urine and make adjustments to your medication as needed. Depending on what stage of the disease you are in will determine how bad your symptoms are. You and your doctor will work together to develop a treatment plan to help control your symptoms, so you can enjoy every day to its fullest. Peninsula Nephrology Associates is located at 1821 Sweetbay Drive, Suite 1 Salisbury, MD 21804. Call Us at (410) 204-2122 for More Information about Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment in Salisbury, NC.

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