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Kidney Doctors Near Me in Salisbury, MD

The Kidney Specialists and Doctors at Peninsula Nephrology Associates Are Dedicated to Helping You With Your Chronic Kidney Disease, Kidney Stones, End-stage Renal Disease, Hypertension Treatment & More. Call Us for More Information at (410) 204-2122, We Are Open 5 Days a Week and Are Conveniently Located at 1821 Sweetbay Drive Suite 1 Salisbury, MD 21804.

Kidney Doctors Near Me Salisbury MD

If you need a kidney doctor and live in or around Salisbury, MD, Peninsula Nephrology Associates is here to help.  Our exceptional medical staff can provide the high-quality care you need in order to maintain healthy kidney function and live a better life.  No matter what kidney condition you are facing, our experts can provide the expertise you need and deserve at our practice in Salisbury.

What does a nephrologist do?

A nephrologist is a doctor with a specialization in the care and treatment of the kidneys and related diseases.  A nephrologist has undergone specific training to ensure they fully understand the intricacies of the human kidneys and their function, so they can provide medical care that will help the kidneys perform at their optimum level.  The kidneys are extremely important to the overall health of the body, as they are responsible for filtering waste products from the bloodstream and eliminating them.  If you have decreased renal function, it can have far-reaching and negative implications throughout your body, so it is important to seek the specialized treatment a nephrologist can provide for many diseases of the kidneys.

What kinds of conditions can Peninsula Nephrology Associates treat?

A nephrologist is trained to provide diagnostic and treatment services for all diseases and conditions of the kidneys.  At Peninsula Nephrology Associates, we provide in-depth understanding and treatment for kidney stones, transplant patients, end-stage renal disease, hypertension, and other chronic kidney diseases.  If you have any symptoms of kidney conditions, a nephrologist can provide the understanding and expertise you need to fully understand your condition and make informed decisions regarding potential treatment options.  We are proud to offer this specialized care for patients who need it.

What are some symptoms that may indicate I need to see a kidney specialist?

Reduced kidney function may not be immediately obvious to patients who are new to experiencing it.  However, there are several important things you can look for that may indicate it is time to make an appointment with a doctor.  Some early symptoms of kidney disease are edema (water retention and swelling), less frequent urination, headaches and nausea, weight loss or reduced appetite, unexplainable fatigue, and a persistent metallic taste in your mouth.  If you are having any of these symptoms, it may be a good idea to visit a doctor to discuss your symptoms and undergo further testing.

What makes Peninsula Nephrology Associates the right practice for me?

At Peninsula Nephrology Associates, not only do we offer exceptional kidney treatment delivered by professionals with in-depth experience and understanding, but we do so in an office that is dedicated to your comfort and safety.  Our doctors will take the time to help you fully understand your condition as well as potential treatment options, so you can make informed decisions regarding your health.  If you are looking for board-certified kidney doctors in Salisbury, MD who can provide exceptional and compassionate medical care, then Peninsula Nephrology Associates is the right place for you.

If you are in need of a kidney doctor to address renal disease and other kidney issues, contact Peninsula Nephrology Associates in Salisbury, MD today.

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